CTO as a service

Could your business benefit from technical leadership?

As the a business owner, I’m sure you’re well aware of how much work goes into running a successful website, it’s not something that stops once the website is launched. The problem is that the amount of work that’s required doesn’t always warrant the cost of hiring, training and managing extra staff. Sometimes you need the middle ground and that’s where our CTO as a service package comes in.

CTO as a Service is an affordable monthly package which offers a full suite of web design, development and business services for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

For a fixed fee, you get the full benefit of an experienced digital team who will take care of all your online needs – from ongoing website maintenance to strategic recommendations for improving your business with technology.

We have a number of packages available to suit different business needs. We can also tailor a package to suit your needs. You’re free to cancel your package at any time, it’s up to us to provide the value for you to keep us on, so you don’t have to worry about hiring the wrong person or being locked in for the long term.

The Part Timer

Tech leadership
made simple

For businesses who need technical leadership
but aren't sure where to start.


Package includes:

  • - Up to 10 hours of dev
  • - Daily backups
  • - 48 hour turnaround
  • - Automatic Wordpress and
       plugin updates
  • - Guaranteed availability
  • - Monthly CEO ready report

Package includes:

  • - Same as the part timer
  • - An additional 10 hours
  • - Ongoing A/B testing
  • - 3 new blog posts each month
  • - Monthly call with CEO
  • - Quarterly strategy meetings
  • - Exclusive access to our
       Slack channel
The Optimiser

Turn your business
into a well
oiled machine

Our best value package designed to get your business
running as smoothly as possible.


Everything you
need to grow
your business

For large, complicated businesses that want to
make the most out of the digital age.


Package includes:

  • - Same as the optimiser
  • - An additional 20 hours
  • - In depth business analysis
  • - Interview employees to find
       out pain points and solve them
  • - Long term tech leadership