Business problems

Website that doesn’t get updated

Google servers are constantly crawling (visiting) webpages on the Internet, reading the contents of these pages and building an index based on the data. The index, or simply the mapping of the data structure on a webpage, helps search engine bots to access the page content more efficiently during search. Since Google’s search algorithms (set of rules) are always changing, the servers have to keep indexing web pages and building new sets of data based on the latest search criteria.

Every time the algorithms change, they affect the ranking and thus visibility of different webpages. Webmasters have to keep updating their sites in light of the latest rules to remain competitive. Pages that are not updated to the latest search criteria may experience a reduction in traffic (stream of inbound visitors). If your website is not updated for long, it eventually decays and may become invisible to your target audiences.

What this means to your business? No inbound leads to convert into customers and ultimately no selling of your products or services.

A website that does not get updated will also look outdated and may load slowly. Either of these issues will translate to poor website performance which dampens user experience. It is therefore critical that you keep your website or eCommerce store properly updated to reap maximum benefits from it.




If you want to be able to easily update your website without having to go back to your developer then a Content Management System (CMS) is essential. A CMS allows non-technical users to add and edit content on their website as easily as updating a Word document. A CMS like WordPress also allows you to add functionality yourself with literally hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins available to extend your site’s functionality.


Responsive Website

A responsive website is one that will work on any device the site is viewed on. If you have a website and it isn’t responsive, then you may as well not have a website at all. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to view a website on your phone and having to zoom right in to read the content. In fact, Google have even begun to penalise your website if it isn’t optimised for mobiles.



These days there’s a SaaS or Software as a Service app for just about everything from accounting to monitoring your ranking in Google. Through the effective use of the right apps you can enhance almost every aspect of your business. One of the really great benefits of a SaaS app is there is little to no initial cost, with most apps offering a free trial. This lets you take the time to test the app to make sure it’s the right fit for you.