Business problems

Time intensive admin tasks

Administrative tasks are by far the most time-consuming jobs for many entrepreneurs during the startup stages of their businesses. This is often largely because when just starting up, these businesses tend not to have dedicated admin teams.

Top on the list of time intensive administrative tasks is human resources. Small to medium sized companies tend to have few employees to help with overseeing front-line activities and as such, the entrepreneur finds themself sucked up into doing most of the work on their own. As a result, they have little time left to devote to strategy, planning, and growth mapping.

Paying bills, recording transactions as a way to track the flow of money in and out of the business, chasing unsettled payments and clerical or janitorial/maintenance tasks are some of the other jobs that can take up the entrepreneur’s time rendering them unable to fully focus on growing the business.

In a study, Intuit Australia found out that that many entrepreneurs inadvertently fail to manage and grow their businesses as they spend a huge lot of their time handling administrative duties without realising it.

It is therefore important to outsource or automate some of the monotonous or repetitive and time intensive admin tasks to create more time for handling strategic entrepreneurial jobs.




Gone are the days of keeping track of your clients in a little black book and a Rolodex. These days there’s so much information about your clients that it’s impossible and impractical to try and write it all down. That’s where a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) comes in. These apps can keep track of everything relating to your customers so that when your employees interact with customers they have everything they need to know available at their fingertips.



These days there’s a SaaS or Software as a Service app for just about everything from accounting to monitoring your ranking in Google. Through the effective use of the right apps you can enhance almost every aspect of your business. One of the really great benefits of a SaaS app is there is little to no initial cost, with most apps offering a free trial. This lets you take the time to test the app to make sure it’s the right fit for you.