Business problems

Learning about customers and website users

Once you get your business onto the World Wide Web, your understanding of website users and their behavior can make or break your business. You want to attract the right people (leads) to your website or eCommerce store to be able to realize the highest conversion rates. Notice that higher conversions mean that you are making more sales, achieving better ROI and growing your business.

You may be investing a lot of time and money on attracting website leads. You wouldn’t want to invest all these resources on such campaigns as paid ads only to attract the wrong people.

To reach the right audiences, it is imperative that you research your market/audiences thoroughly in order to understand them in terms of their needs and interests as well as their demographics. This kind of research tells you exactly what your target customers read in the form of blogs, the websites they visit, the information they look for online via Google search, and more.

With this information, you can launch highly targeted campaigns enriched with effective value propositions. It helps you describe your products and/or services in the language of the user, answer to their pain points and satisfy their demands.



A/B Testing

Building a website shouldn’t be a set it and forget it project. Like training for a marathon, it will get better the more work you put into it. One way in which you can learn what works and what doesn’t with your customers is to do A/B testing. With A/B testing we essentially have two versions of a web page that are served to users at random. As they interact with the page, we use the data gathered to discovered which version was the most effective. We then implement the changes based on science and data.



Gone are the days of keeping track of your clients in a little black book and a Rolodex. These days there’s so much information about your clients that it’s impossible and impractical to try and write it all down. That’s where a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) comes in. These apps can keep track of everything relating to your customers so that when your employees interact with customers they have everything they need to know available at their fingertips.


Drip email campaigns

Imagine being able to automatically respond to incoming email requests with exactly the information your user is requesting but without you having to touch anything. Now imagine sending them hyper-relevant information automatically then two days later following up if you receive no reply. This is the power of drip marketing. According to research conducted by Emma, targeted drip email campaigns deliver 18 times more revenue than globally broadcast ones. There are very few channels that can generate anywhere near that kind of return.



These days there’s a SaaS or Software as a Service app for just about everything from accounting to monitoring your ranking in Google. Through the effective use of the right apps you can enhance almost every aspect of your business. One of the really great benefits of a SaaS app is there is little to no initial cost, with most apps offering a free trial. This lets you take the time to test the app to make sure it’s the right fit for you.