Business problems

Lack of client diversity

Diversity is the sum total of people’s different values, beliefs, practices and ways of life as a result of differences in their cultural, racial, ethnic and geographic backgrounds. These differences determine people’s purchasing habits and serve to broaden market demand overall.

Client diversity therefore is crucial to the success of any business as it creates ample demand for the goods and/or services that an organization takes to market. Lack of client diversity thereof can serve to shrink demand and eventually create smaller market for businesses. The less the diversity, the less the market is likely to be, and if this goes further, the demand (market) can shrink to the point where it is not sustainable for business organizations within the respective industry.

Viewed against this backdrop, lack of client diversity in any industry can hurt business growth. That is why organizations strive to create systems that embrace diversity by addressing the diverse customer needs.

This normally starts by creating an inclusive organisation and organisational culture where employees are comprised of different genders and come from different ethnic, racial and geographic backgrounds. The differences of all these people including sexual orientation, age, religion, education, ways of thinking, economic background and communication styles are respected, valued and utilised towards attaining a common objective.



A/B Testing

Building a website shouldn’t be a set it and forget it project. Like training for a marathon, it will get better the more work you put into it. One way in which you can learn what works and what doesn’t with your customers is to do A/B testing. With A/B testing we essentially have two versions of a web page that are served to users at random. As they interact with the page, we use the data gathered to discovered which version was the most effective. We then implement the changes based on science and data.


Capture email addresses

It’s all well and good to have website visitors, but if they don’t answer your call to action, it won’t do you any good. In order for customers to feel comfortable giving you more information about them, you need to offer them something in return. This can come in the form of information about the industry you’re in, or a free consultation with you.



Gone are the days of keeping track of your clients in a little black book and a Rolodex. These days there’s so much information about your clients that it’s impossible and impractical to try and write it all down. That’s where a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) comes in. These apps can keep track of everything relating to your customers so that when your employees interact with customers they have everything they need to know available at their fingertips.


Search Engine Optimisation

What good is having a website if no one can find it? SEO is where we optimise your site to help boost its rankings in search engines. Did you know that if your site can’t easily be viewed on mobile devices it is penalised by Google?