Business problems

High cost of advertising

Paid options for marketing your business such as Facebook ads, sponsored tweets and Google AdWords can generate highly qualified leads that easily convert into buying customers. These options tend to drive immediate results that can give your business an instant boost in revenue. On the darker side however, low win rates and inadequate returns on investment (ROI) can translate into unsustainably high costs of advertising, ultimately hurting your bottom line.

The truth of the matter is, these paid ad services will cost you a fortune – if you don’t use them correctly, or if you do not know how to. This simply means that if you understand the model of each of these advertising services, such as pay-per-click for AdWords, you can avoid the little but costly ad campaign mistakes and make the most of each coin you pay.

As long as you make revenue for every ad spend, your advertising costs will not have a negative impact on your business regardless of how steeply they skyrocket. The idea is to maximize the returns on every advertising expenditure and widen your profit margins. Ultimately, you generate more revenue that cancel out the impact of costs of advertising.



Capture email addresses

It’s all well and good to have website visitors, but if they don’t answer your call to action, it won’t do you any good. In order for customers to feel comfortable giving you more information about them, you need to offer them something in return. This can come in the form of information about the industry you’re in, or a free consultation with you.


Drip email campaigns

Imagine being able to automatically respond to incoming email requests with exactly the information your user is requesting but without you having to touch anything. Now imagine sending them hyper-relevant information automatically then two days later following up if you receive no reply. This is the power of drip marketing. According to research conducted by Emma, targeted drip email campaigns deliver 18 times more revenue than globally broadcast ones. There are very few channels that can generate anywhere near that kind of return.


Search Engine Optimisation

What good is having a website if no one can find it? SEO is where we optimise your site to help boost its rankings in search engines. Did you know that if your site can’t easily be viewed on mobile devices it is penalised by Google?


Targeted ad spend

Never mind the fact that people spend ridiculous amounts of time on social media, with Facebook ads you can target people based on age, location, demographic, gender, or even organisations liked. Being able hone in on your target market in such a way means you’ll get the most value from your budget.