Business problems

Difficulty building an audience for your blog

Writing a business blog is easy, but building an audience for it is not. You could be covering topics that fall within your niche, so writing the articles would be a breeze. But getting people to read these articles requires that you put in quite a bit of work. You may also need to have some knowledge of how Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo! work to direct traffic (online users) to your blog. Ideally, you’ll want to know;

  • What search engine optimization is,
  • What volume of text is ideal for a blog,
  • How long it takes for Google to index your blog posts to be able to accurately measure the performance of each, and;
  • How to research your keywords, interpret analytics and measure success.

Unless you get your hand on all these dynamics of the Internet practice, chances are that you’ll write blog posts that are full of content but not succeed to deliver it before the eyes of the intended audience. Oftentimes you’ll be trying to attract the wrong audience who cannot benefit your business, look for audiences at all the wring places, or even give up too soon on strategies that would otherwise yield results eventually.



Responsive Website

A responsive website is one that will work on any device the site is viewed on. If you have a website and it isn’t responsive, then you may as well not have a website at all. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to view a website on your phone and having to zoom right in to read the content. In fact, Google have even begun to penalise your website if it isn’t optimised for mobiles.


Drip email campaigns

Imagine being able to automatically respond to incoming email requests with exactly the information your user is requesting but without you having to touch anything. Now imagine sending them hyper-relevant information automatically then two days later following up if you receive no reply. This is the power of drip marketing. According to research conducted by Emma, targeted drip email campaigns deliver 18 times more revenue than globally broadcast ones. There are very few channels that can generate anywhere near that kind of return.


Capture email addresses

It’s all well and good to have website visitors, but if they don’t answer your call to action, it won’t do you any good. In order for customers to feel comfortable giving you more information about them, you need to offer them something in return. This can come in the form of information about the industry you’re in, or a free consultation with you.


A/B Testing

Building a website shouldn’t be a set it and forget it project. Like training for a marathon, it will get better the more work you put into it. One way in which you can learn what works and what doesn’t with your customers is to do A/B testing. With A/B testing we essentially have two versions of a web page that are served to users at random. As they interact with the page, we use the data gathered to discovered which version was the most effective. We then implement the changes based on science and data.